October 21st, 2001:


 7th Kerbfest:

 On the 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th, this municipality (with around 1,700 inhabitants) , which has the nickname of “Little Paradise” will be flooded with joy. Among the several attractions, we can enumerate the little bands, bands performances (including one from the German region "Sankt Wendel"), folk dances, ethnic food, a lot of chopp, colonial coffee, industrial and trade fairs, handcrafts and colonial products as well as a hang glider show.

This small and prosperous region was colonized in 1850, by immigrants who came, mostly from the German region named "Sankt Wendel". Since its emancipation in 1988, there have been made efforts to strengthen its identity, to valorize its cultural roots, as well as its historical and social patrimony. One of the initiatives from the 1st mayor was to copy the German tradition of promoting popular festivals on the streets and central squares. For that, it was created, in 1991, the 1st Kerbfest, with the installation of a big canvas in its main street. The beginning was very timid; its inauguration ball was not able to gather many people. However, the initiative has touched the intimacy of the population and from then on many things have changed: for the 7th Kerbfest, there are being expected more than 20,000 people.

See some images from this beautiful festival: 

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The last weekend programming for the "Kerbfest" (on the next 27th and 28th)  can be accessed by clicking here.

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